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Identifier behavior when copying or cloning VMs

Sometimes a customer has a use case where they are copying VM files from one location to another. This can sometimes lead to issues that are not apparent immediately. One example: I had one customer where a VM was copied to several remote sites, and this wasn’t causing a problem at first sight, but when licensing was turned on and the VM’s tried to register it became a problem because they all had the same identifiers.

Feeling we're getting out of the pandemic now - announcing VMW Tech Webcasts

All right. First, yes, I have not updated this blog since VMworld 2019. That’s a lot of time. I even had to setup my Hugo / GitHub stuff on a whole new PC. Second - I’m very happy to report to be alive and well. Like I told Nico in a recent IT Reality podcast - keeping a job, surviving lockdown and not getting divorced - that’s winning in 2020/2021. So I’ve been very fortunate, keeping my same job and honestly doing well.

Links to my VMworld live-tweeting sessions

Apologies as I should have put more updates on my blog during VMworld week. I definitely was active on twitter, but Hurricane Dorian was active as soon as I was heading home to Orlando and it took all of my attention. Hurricane Dorian was and still is a big deal - second strongest hurricane to make landfall in the Atlantic basin. Make sure you read up on how you can help the Bahamas and the entire East Coast of the US with donations, as several people’s lives have been severely impacted!

More VMworld tips

I decided to write additional VMworld tips that I didn’t see deeply covered in everyone’s blog posts. Better yet, I did it in Github so if anyone wants to add to it, just send me a PR! Or, let me know what you think is missing via twitter and I’ll add it and credit you. best, Ariel

Get ready for the VMworld US 2019 Hackathon, and my team's details!

TL;DR: The official VMworld 2019 US hackathon details and public signup will be launched August 12! Make sure to check and the VMware Code twitter account I had explained in a past post why I love VMworld hackathons so much. Reading that post will make it easy to understand my excitement for the upcoming, can’t-arrive-soon-enough, VMworld US 2019 Hackathon! In particular for the VMworld Hackathon events, I recommend you know and follow both VMware communities manager Corey Romero and VMware Code community manager Kripa Sitaraman, as well as the VMware Code twitter account.

My love for VMworld hackathons and little hacks

I’d like to talk to you today about hackathons. Specifically, a little bit of history, how you can participate, tips on having them in your local community and why I think they are needed. As always on this blog, these are my personal opinions and impressions, not my employer’s. Feedback requested! I welcome all your comments - tweet at me. I’d like to expand these ideas in a follow-up blog post and incorporate it into my VMworld vBrownBag TechTalk, so I’m looking to improve and include more perspectives on this topic.

Orlando move completed!

Man, almost three months without a blog post! Sorry about that, it took us a while to feel like we got everything sorted out. But we’re now fully settled in Orlando! Right after our move, I had to travel a fair bit, which brought on some stress/delays and took away from home time, but in general it has been a smooth transition - thank God for movers, that made everything simpler!

The pursuit of happiness

Hi everyone! We came to the amazing city of Pittsburgh in 2017 when my wife accepted a learning position in town. Pittsburgh is a city I hold very dear, with genuinely nice people, lots of history and adorable quirks. I will actually make a blog post of all my favorite PGH things in the future. It is a city with excellent craft beer, a hard rock mentality, and true love of sports - who wouldn’t love that!

Seattle VMUG slides and a quick VSAN post for homelabs

Hi everyone! Greetings from Palo Alto! I’m here this week for the Office of the CTOPrincipal/Global Field/Ambassador week-long meeting. I’m only one day in, and it’s amazing to have this level of access and interaction. Humbled and honored! Just a week ago, I had the honor of presenting a new talk at the Seattle UserCon on Feb 19. Software Defined Networking is a topic I love geeking out on, but it’s not related today with my job at VMware - great material for a community session!

vExpert 2019 - My tips to help your approval odds

Disclaimer: These are Ariel’s opinions, born out of my personal experience and not something I have been asked to write by anyone else. I always try to be nice but if any of the following rubs you the wrong way please let me know through twitter Every 6 months the application period for vExpert comes around. All existing vExperts must re-apply during the January period; new applicants can use either January or July to apply.