Apologies as I should have put more updates on my blog during VMworld week. I definitely was active on twitter, but Hurricane Dorian was active as soon as I was heading home to Orlando and it took all of my attention. Hurricane Dorian was and still is a big deal - second strongest hurricane to make landfall in the Atlantic basin. Make sure you read up on how you can help the Bahamas and the entire East Coast of the US with donations, as several people’s lives have been severely impacted! And also make sure you understand if your employer can match your donations to amplify your efforts!

As I start to read through all the announcements and VMworld blog posts to build my own “VMworld US 2019 field report”, I thought I would link to some of the content I produced through “live tweeting” as the announcements were made. I realize not everyone likes the twitter thread format, so I’ve taken advantage of the Thread Reader App twitter bot to also leave links to the whole thread in webpage format.

VMworld US 2019 only had two days of general announcements. Typically there’s a 3rd keynote day, Thursday, with forward looking technology, not broadcasted and is more of a conversational format of the art of the possible, not company product announcements. However, I attended the Future:Net event on Thursday and also live tweeted it. Future:Net is a network focused one day conference that happens parallel to VMworld. You can check the event’s agenda and speakers here https://www.vmware.com/futurenet

VMworld announcements - please note I had to stop tagging accounts as it would have resulted in a massive reply all, so I had to start a new thread to stop that. Both days of announcements are covered, as well as some of the sessions I went to:
- live tweet thread part 1
- thread reader app webpage part 1
- live tweet thread part 2
- thread reader app webpage part 2

Thursday Future:Net event:
- live tweet thread
- thread reader app webpage

The Thread Reader App estimates it will take you 67 minutes to read through all the live tweets even in the simplified format, so I’m sure you will have comments. Expect to see a complete report with public facing resources later tonight, and a vCommunity focused post in the weekend. Let me know what you think is missing via twitter!