Hi everyone!

Greetings from Palo Alto! I’m here this week for the Office of the CTO Principal/Global Field/Ambassador week-long meeting. I’m only one day in, and it’s amazing to have this level of access and interaction. Humbled and honored!

Just a week ago, I had the honor of presenting a new talk at the Seattle UserCon on Feb 19. Software Defined Networking is a topic I love geeking out on, but it’s not related today with my job at VMware - great material for a community session! I had a blast preparing to deliver it, but I know it can be improved a lot, so I’ll keep working on it!

The slides as presented are in my Github account now:


Also, I was doing homelab repurposing and had to delete a datastore for re-use with vSAN. Since this was the only local datastore aside from the boot USB drive, there were some partitions that had to be erased manually. I explain the process in this short blog post:


That’s it for now. I’m always looking for feedback and friendly conversation through twitter so don’t hesitate to reach out!