Hi everyone, happy holidays :)

This is a blog post to highlight a new entry in the super cool, so awesome you should read more of it, vBrownbag blog:

Meet the expert interviews at @wpvmug and @cincivmug 2017Q4.

I really enjoy filming these. There’s so many awesome people in the #vCommunity that I admire and I’ve met through twitter/VMUG/VMworld/Slack, but almost always don’t have the time and one-to-one focus to really get to know them. I love asking how their journey has been like and whatever other little tidbit I’ve wondered about. This year I was lucky to nab my friend AJ and a bunch of really smart people I knew at the Cincinnati UserCon.

I’d also like to highlight this particular vBB session which I was able to host:

vRO & vRA Development Best Practices with Konrad Clapa @clapa_konrad and Brian Gerrard @vBeeGee or “How not to get mad developing in vRA and vRO” XD

There’s not a whole lot of modern vRO content out there, so I was very happy to see this session and very proud to host it :)

Let me know your comments in Twitter @arielsanchezmor. Thank you for reading!