Hi everyone, happy April!

These past weeks several VMUG leaders were greeted with the news that they had been selected for the VMworld session private voting panel. I voted on this panel when I was a leader and I really enjoyed being able to read all submissions and influence my point of view into the final “menu”. By the way, the voting time has even been extended to April 13th!

Please forget I’m a VMware employee for the next 10 minutes - this is Ariel speaking, not VMware. I am not related to anything internally at VMware concerning VMworld submissions, nor am I trying to be. My utmost intent with all of this is improvement in our vCommunity, where lots of people have complained in the past that they don’t know why their session wasn’t accepted.

I encouraged people to submit when VMworld’s 2018 CFP opened, and now I’d like to present a list of sessions that myself and people I know have submitted. I know what you are thinking, but in no way do I want you to vote “out of pity” for me or my friends! And if you want to be included in this table, just send me the presenters, the submission ID and title through twitter - thanks to all who have done so!

What I do want, if you are a VMworld submission voter, is the following:
- Be on the lookout for these submissions. Know that not every voter can see all sessions, so don’t be too surprised if you can’t see them.
- If you find any, please take a little time and send the submitter your candid feedback, especially on what you felt could be improved. I personally want your gut reaction, and I won’t ask you to spend much of your precious time as I know you are busy and the list is growing every day.

You have my word I will refrain from trying to explain something that could change your mind - your raw feedback is all I want. It would be natural for me to try to explain something if it wasn’t clear, but I won’t, because I don’t want any advantages over anybody else’s submission from this exercise. I ask everyone on this list to do the same, and for voters not to change their scores once they have provided the feedback.

We all know a VMworld session approval is rare. Everyone in the vCommunity wants to know how to get better at writing CFPs to improve their chances. In case we don’t get selected this time, your feedback will help us for the next time we do a CFP, and in that process you will help improve VMworld content quality and diversity at the CFP submission level!

At a personal level, I had written a blog post with tips on writing abstracts for IT conferences, so your feedback will help me improve my post as well. Thus, my interest is not just for my sessions, but also to improve the overall advice I give others, which hopefully applies to other conferences. If you read the article and think I can improve it, please let me know as well :)

Here’s the sessions with twitter handle, submission ID and submission title. Again, if you are voting, all I’m asking is that you read and send your feedback to the submitter. Do it through twitter; if you feel your feedback shouldn’t be public, ask for a follow to DM. The actual feedback obtained from the tool when you get denied is not as great as hearing directly from you, our peer and voter.

With all that out of the way, here’s the sessions, divided between breakouts and panels:

Breakout sessions. For these, it makes sense to reach out to both submitters, if more than one is available:

Twitter ID Submission ID Title
@rytalws & @arielsanchezmor 3301 Go big or go EOL! Strategies and tips for successful vSphere upgrades
@vmwjaegerd & @puthoffmatt 2473 Frequent challenges that VMware TAMs help their customers overcome
@arielsanchezmor & @virtualizecr 1757 vSphere and Ansible: From zero to useful
@wildcard78 & @arielsanchezmor 2156 Get Involved to Get Results - vCommunity in 2018
@az_ny 1216 Planning and executing successful migration of virtualized Datacenter
@prabhu_b & @shmookles 2665 Walk in the Clouds: Journey to a Cloud Powered Data Center
@prabhu_b & @bheili 2670 End-to-End Monitoring and Troubleshooting with VMware Cloud Services
@edmsanchez13 & @pensrule82 2382 Using PowerCLI and vDocumentation to report on Spectre and Meltdown
@Magneet_nl 1132 An Introduction to automating your Horizon View environment with PowerCLI
@stalin_pena 1590 Lessons learned: How to avoid common mistakes during your transition to the SDDC?
@stalin_pena and @alvaro_faundezm 2845 How to avoid common mistakes integrating your CMP & Network Virtualization
@stalin_pena and @elnemesisdivina 2429 How to empower your customer to adopt a NSX solution?
@dpaluszek 1146 A deeper look into vCloud Director Extender for VMware Cloud Providers
@dpaluszek & @layuso 1144 Optimizing VMware vCloud Usage Meter for VMware Cloud Provider environments
@dpaluszek & @KaffLab 1145 Why VMware vSAN is the best solution for Cloud Provider environments
@VirtualG_UK & David Taylor 1648 Your journey to free and bundled extras
@VirtualG_UK & David Taylor 1635 Managing your VMware Cloud – A Proactive Deep Dive
@tbgree00 & @kmruddy 1914 Automate Troubleshooting with vSphere with Operations Management
@tbgree00 & @johnddias 1666 Automate Troubleshooting with vRealize Operations Manager
@tbgree00 & @cody_bunch 2012 Lions and Tigers and vSAN at Scale
@vSeanLambert 1452 T-minus 30 Days and Counting, Patching and Updating to Secure Your SDDC
@crosbyseth 2636 PowerCLI for The Small SDDC - Essentials to start boosting productivity
@crosbyseth 3189 What’s really happing on my network? Network Insight CrashCourse
@crosbyseth 2737 Workspace One in the SMB: helping small teams thrive without going nuts
@Networknerd_ & @mabelard 1280 If vSAN Powered The Matrix
@RudiMartinsen 1197 Realtime Performance Monitoring - For FREE!
@jondwaite & Anupam Dalal 1102 Deploying vCloud Container Service Extension - Kubernetes made easy
@vMBaggum & @virtualisedgeek 2163 HCI, VCF & NSX - How does it fit together to build a Multi-Cloud solution?
@lukaswinn & Frederic Calindas 1072 vRealize Operations - Top Tips For Success
@lukaswinn 1386 Monitoring VMware Cloud on AWS using vRealize Operations
@lukaswinn 1387 Why you should monitor NSX using vRealize Network Insight
@lukaswinn 1388 Using Wavefront for Application Monitoring in vRealize Operations
@RichardKenyan & @anothergeek 3325 PowerCLI vCommunity Resources Used to Migrate to VCSA 6.5
@davidmirror & @ivanrcamargo 2856 Building application platforms for the future: deep dive for non-developers
@whitehattechs 1182 Vendor Neutral Backup Design Considerations for Virtual Infrastructures
@Favoritevmguy 1358 How WWT and LoginVSI enable customers to become VDI Heroes
@Favoritevmguy 1625 Accelerate your Datacenter Journey with the help of POCs at WWT
@vMiklm and John Morgan 3284 Reimagining Capacity Management with vRealize Operations 6.7

Panel sessions, For these, reach out to the first name:

Twitter ID Submission ID Title
@carlcapozza with @kmruddy, @cody_bunch, @tbgree00 & @arielsanchezmor 2118 vSphere and Ansible: A panel discussion of lessons learned, tips and tricks
@edmsanchez13 with @VirtualG_UK @jpsider @mwvme & @arielsanchezmor 2910 PowerCLI-powered vDocumentation: 2018 update, and a panel with use cases
@RossWynne with @GreggRobertson5, @vMBaggum & @virtualisedgeek 2669 Ask the Experts: Design, it’s more than just a whitepaper!

Thank you all, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!