Hi everyone, happy middle of April!

I recently heard from Brant Scalan (@fatpacket on twitter) that he and John Whitman (@VCDX226) are running a SDDC Roadshow coming up in 8 mayor cities in the month of May. It brought me memories of when I went to my first VMworld roadshow, and how great it was - this was ages ago, before I had even gone to a VMUG!

What I really love about these events is that they are organized as a workshop focused on one topic, and it’s basically a full day agenda. I look at it as a training day with options to network. The topic for these is Disaster Recovery in a SDDC infrastructure. We all know how critical this topic is, and how unprepared lots of companies are for a real catastrophic event - like a plane falling on your main datacenter!

Brant is a staff channel SE & John is a Staff SE in NSBU and VCDX #226. They are seasoned, technically focused presenters who are well worth your attention. You can tell already this will not be delivered from a marketing angle, but rather it will be a deep dive exploring how the different VMware solutions that integrate the SDDC - vSphere, vSAN, NSX, SR - work to create a business capability. You will be able to understand how these solutions can be architected to fit many use cases. Best of all, these workshops are free - free admission, free lunch, and the opportunity not only to learn in the workshop but also do it with your peers and hearing their thoughts and questions as well.

Knowing how rare and special these events are, I wanted to give everyone in the vCommunity a heads up so they can sign up while the registration links are fresh and there’s still open seats. The link for all the events is http://www.sddcroadshow.com/ and the cities are Reston, NYC, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, LA and Palo Alto. I understand that with VMware spending quite a bit of money for this, they can’t expand to a lot of cities, but I would have loved to see my beloved Pittsburgh in there, as I’m sure those not in the cities listed will also feel; but, I’m sure we will have other opportunities.

Please register if you are able to attend so you can reserve your seat, make a note of the advice to bring a colleage. Personally, I would love if you can tweet Brant, John and myself any thoughts and pictures from your attendance of the event. Use our handles and the hashtag #sddcroadshow. I hope you have lots of fun and learn useful things that will help your companies be ready for the worst!