Hi everyone, happy February!

This February 27 we will have a most fabulous Pittsburgh UserCon, where a lot of friends from the #vCommunity will come and we will have a jolly time geeking out on all things VMware. I could go on and on about who’s coming and what the VMUG leaders have prepared, but that will be another post ;)

This post is to let you know that tomorrow, February 13, I will be playing with aDell Mixed VR headset, getting it ready so that we can have UserCon attendees play with #VRDCEX at the UserCon. I’d love it if you could come and help me get it setup!

It’s my first time setting it up, so it will be one of those “keep at it til we figure it out” kind of deals. Similar to our LittleHacks or WhiteBoard sessions, this is just a get-together at my apartment building to tinker and geek out, nothing special, just let me know you are coming on Twitter @arielsanchezmor. We will probably start after 6pm when street parking becomes free.

We will be using Alan Renouf’s excellent Github project page and since I have a Windows Mixed Reality headset, we will be using Gareth Edward’s excellent post.

The end results should be

  1. It works!
  2. Make a blog post to help others with any of our findings!

See you soon,