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Hello again! You can’t learn what you can’t repeat. So here I am making a second blog post with Hugo on my Github page with a custom domain to get into the groove. We’re doing another #PGHLittleHack this Thursday, October 5. If you don’t remember what they are about @CarlCapozza and I started doing a local, VMUG/vBrownBag version, of the VMworld Hackathons, right after the 2017 VMworld US Hackathon - because we loved the concept, camaraderie, and knowledge sharing spirit of it, and we wanted more.


Hi Gang! It took me a while to figure out how to create a custom domain using the Hugo static website generator, but here we are! This was part of the #PGHLittleHack initiative that @CarlCapozza and I started right after the 2017 VMworld US Hackathon. Thank you for reading this! It’s obviously a small start but I’m proud of it :)